A Rajaji National Park tusker died after falling off a railway bridge near Raiwala on Saturday night. The incident took place when the pachyderm, named Tipu, was rushing out of a village with other elephants after residents burst crackers to scare them away.

Tipu had been seriously injured during a fight with another elephant last week. It was administered first aid by forest officials, who also left jaggery and other edibles near it. However, a nasty cut on its trunk prevent Tipu from eating.

Another elephant was killed in the Lansdowne forests last week after being attacked by another male. According to experts, such incidents of violence, and even death, are common among elephants during the mating season.

Meanwhile, residents on the periphery of the Corbett National Park near Ramnagar are up in arms against forest officials for failing to kill a tigress that killed at least two women in the buffer zone of the Park in December.

The tigress was declared as man-eater on December 31 by the Chief Wildlife Warden. A few days ago, it gave the hunters and experts a slip near one of the cages put up to trap it in the Satpuli range. Instead of the tigress, its companion entered the cage.