To organise meetings, processions and rallies

Faced with severe criticism over the death of the 16-year-old gang-rape victim last week, the Trinamool Congress announced on Sunday that it would launch a State-wide campaign to counter the “attempt by the Opposition to tarnish the image of the State government.”

“We will organise meetings, processions and rallies in every block and wards across the State to counter the Opposition’s attempts to malign us,” Trinamool general secretary Mukul Roy told journalists.

Lashing out at the CPI(M) for “indulging in politics over the body of the gang-rape victim,” he accused the party of trying to create instability in the State.

The Trinamool was determined to foil any such attempt.

The Trinamool leadership was also critical of the Congress and the BJP for “joining hands with the CPI(M)” to malign their party “at a time when it is taking West Bengal towards becoming a model State under the leadership of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.”

Whenever there was election of any kind in the State, be it the general election, rural polls or Assembly elections, the CPI(M), the Congress and the BJP worked in unison against the Trinamool, he said.

“Today, when people are living in peace, we will never allow the CPI(M)’s monstrous ploy to disrupt the peace prevailing in the State…. Everyone, whether a Bihari, a South Indian or anyone else, is living peacefully in West Bengal.”

Humane approach

As for the stand of the Trinamool on the incident that led to the death of the teenager, Mr. Roy said his party would adapt a humane approach towards it without considering political allegiance of those involved in the incident.

“The Trinamool Congress always adapts a humane approach in such cases regardless of the political colour of those involved.

“All those named in the FIR had been arrested and the law will take its own course and the party is not going to intervene in it.”

“The State government will treat criminals like criminals,” Mr. Roy asserted.

He added that it was ready to extend all kind of support to the victim’s family.

He pointed out that “social awareness” was necessary to prevent occurrence of such inhuman crimes.

On the visit of the Bihar police to the victim’s family, he said that if someone wanted to indulge in politics regarding the issue then “it will be ominous for democracy.”