Speakers at a function to pay tributes to poet Pattukkottai Kalyana Sundaram said that poets like him drew admirers by highlighting social issues and calling for societal reforms.

Pattukkottai Kalyana Sundaram, who died at the age of 29, left behind a legacy that is still recalled by many, said Rm. Veerappan.

Former judge of Madras High Court S. Jagadeesan who presented the Makkal Kavingnar Award instituted in the name of Pattukkottai Kalyana Sundaram to poet Dill Roopa Shanmugam said “He has given unforgettable poetry that were popularised through films. Poets like him had a vision and remain a guide till date for us.”

The award was received by Mr. Shanmugan's son Rajan.

Makkal Kavignar Trustorganised the function at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture.

On the occasion, speakers also recalled the works of the revolutionary Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

Former judge of Madras High Court T.N. Vallinayagam said the poet had a literary bent of mind and used songs to propel altruism.

Director of Russian Centre of Science and Culture Vladimir V. Mariy said more than business art and culture helped bridge the distance between countries.