Telangana Praja Front chairman Gaddar on Sunday criticised the government for ignoring the hunger strike since January 7 of Hanif Mohammad, a member of the executive committee, to protest police action against students on the Osmania University campus and demanding withdrawal of forces.

In a statement, the balladeer wanted leaders of various political parties to respond to the fast, rather than ignoring it. He alleged that Mr. Hanif was forcibly taken to hospital on Saturday in an effort to break the fast. He called upon people's representatives to exert pressure on the government to ensure that the fasting leader's life was saved, by agitating to press the demands. Mr. Gaddar condemned the stand taken by Srikrishna Committee against the demand for Telangana when about four crore Muslims, women, workers, students and intellectuals were pressing for statehood to the region. He described as ‘undemocratic' the efforts by police and the government to suppress the agitation through the use of bullets against the agitators.