Staff Reporter

NAGAPATTINAM: People's Development Association (PDA), a Madurai-based NGO engaged in tsunami rehabilitation work in Nagapattinam district, formed a youth group in Vanavanmahadevi on Monday. Joe Velu, director, inaugurated the group called `Indian PDA Youth Group'. Thirty-seven members took an oath to remain united and work for the people.

Mr. Velu said that D.R. Anand Jebaseelan, a fresher from Madurai Institute of Social Sciences, youth coordinator of PDA, has succeeded in forming the group consisting of 40 boys from the fishing community after working hard for more than three months. As the members have already commenced a small savings scheme in the name of `Gramiya Nala Vangi' (village welfare bank), P. Jacintha Joseph, PDA executive director, contributed Rs. 5,000 to be used as a revolving fund.