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Technical training will be given to update knowledge

NAGERCOIL: Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (Madurai) Division in Kanyakumari district has introduced a ‘passenger-friendly’ programme to the conductors and drivers.Speaking to The Hindu, the General Manager, Ravi Varma said here on Thursday that most of the time the conductors quarrel with the passengers. Similarly the drivers do not follow rules and engage in heated argument with drivers of other vehicles or with the police.

Moreover, they do not stop the buses at the particular place of the bus stop, instead they stop it few feet before or after the stop. Owing to the adamant behaviour of some drivers and conductors, the passengers particularly students and office goers were put in to untold hardship during peak hours.

From a survey, taken by a few non-governmental organizations it was understood that due to depression and tension, the employees behave in an irresponsible manner while they are on duty.Hence it was decided to give training in yoga to all the TNSTC employees in a phased manner under ‘smile while you work’ programme.

In the first phase, a 20-member team including conductors and drivers were given training at Ranithottam depot for two hours on Wednesday.They were trained in Bhavana Muthasanam, Salabasanam, Thuvibatha Peedasanam, Usarttasanam and breathing exercise.A healthy mind and body would help the employees to behave with a humane touch to others and they will stand as a model to others in future. Similar yoga session would be held for other employees in the future.Accidents often occur due to an unrest mind and such sessions would definitely minimize the accident rate. This kind of yoga and breathing exercise would be very helpful to the employees. Moreover,technical training would also be given to update their knowledge.A sound body and mind would be helpful for their involvement in work’, said the General Manager.

The yoga teacher, Radhakrishnan and the technical training by the Technical Manager, Muthukaruppan, gave the training.