The Kavery Educational Institutions, Mecheri, conducted three-day ‘Manavalakalai' Yoga for Holistic Health and Personality Development Course, which concluded on Friday.


Yoga teachers S.R.Leela and Krishnaveni Ramu conducted the programme on yoga, asanas, and pranayama for staff members.

Raja Sampathkumar, a Yogic Science graduate, thanked the management and principal for organizing the programme.  He gave details about the three-day course.

Leela said that this course would provide packages for people suffering from ailments such as asthma, back pain, and migraine with more than six teachers assisting the members, besides offering several general yoga methodologies, which should be followed as our daily exercises.

She explained about the karma, reincarnation, samsara, moksha, morality, duty consciousness, and charity.

She briefed participants about Kayakalpa Yoga, introspection practices, and education for physical health, for healthy mind, for intellectual goodness and for the well-being of society.


The members were provided with enormous space to do exercise in a holistic method.

Several staff members were benefited by this special programme and they expressed their gratitude to the management for organizing the course and wished that more such programmes would be conducted in the future.