Union Home Minister writes to Rangasamy

In a significant development, Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has written a letter to Chief Minister N. Rangasamy asking him to reinstate Raajiv Yaduvanshi as Finance Secretary, who was removed from the post of Development Commissioner and transferred to Commerce and Industries.

Stating that the Puducherry government had not followed the established procedures in transferring Mr. Yaduvanshi, the letter dated 1.1. 2013 said (a copy of which is available with The Hindu ) that under Section 56, sub para (2) of the Rules of Business of the Government of Puducherry, 1963, the proposals for transfer of Finance Secretary had to be sent to the Union government and only with the prior approval of the Centre, could be implemented. Further, Section 58 of the rules said that once the Administrator made a reference to the Centre on these appointments, they should await the decision of the Ministry.

Mr. Shinde further said that the Puducherry government had not sent any reference to the Ministry of Home Affairs before issuing the notification for shifting the Finance Secretary and the Development Commissioner. Following this, the Ministry, through a demi-official letter dated January 11, besides declaring the transfer order null and void, advised the Puducherry government to send a proposal on the matter.

While stating that Mr. Yaduvanshi could be posted only in any one of the three posts such as Commissioner cum Secretary, Finance, Secretary (Planning) cum Development Commissioner and Commissioner cum Secretary (Education and Welfare), Mr. Shinde said that it was not appropriate to transfer him from the post of Finance Secretary at the end of the financial year, specially when Ministry of Home Affairs was in the process of posting him out in the month of March 2013 on completion of his tenure at soft area.

Justifying the action taken by the Ministry [that declared null and void the transfer of Mr. Yaduvanshi], Mr. Shinde said that the action was taken to regularise the irregular action of transfer of Mr. Yaduvanshi. The Puducherry government should keep the transfer order of Mr. Yaduvanshi in abeyance till the Ministry approved a fresh proposal to be sent by the Puducherry government. The proposal should follow all rules about the transfer of super time scale officer.