A workshop on ‘Rules of the Road Regulations” by City Traffic Wardens for school teachers to turn them into trainers for students will be held on August 24.

A release from Chief Traffic Warden of the Coimbatore City Police Unit of the Tamil Nadu Traffic Wardens Organisation A. Mahesh said that the free training programme would be conducted on Wednesday at the Government Polytechnic for Women on Bharathiar Road from 2 p.m.

The effort was initiated under the guidance of Commissioner of Police Amaresh Pujari and Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime and Traffic) T. Senthilkumar.

Mr. Mahesh said that there were more than 7,000 Road Safety Patrol (RSP) students in city schools and colleges.

To make the students aware of the traffic rules, the workshop was being organised to train 140 RSP teachers. The trained teachers would then impart traffic education to the RSP students. The students would then take five-minute classes for the entire school weekly twice in the morning assembly or through the school audio system. They would also be encouraged to write messages on school's “RSP Notice Board” and as well conduct discussion forums weekly once among the RSP students.

This was an invitation to all schools that did not have RSP units to send their teachers to attend the programme, the release said.

For details, contact 99940-74062, 0422-2402406 and 2401576 or send e-mail to chief@trafficwardens.in and visit the website www.trafficwardens.in