Using language well is very important

The Department of English Literature, Holy Cross College, conducted a two-day international workshop on creative arts on Wednesday and Thursday.

Inaugurating the workshop, John Drew, Convener of Poetry Workshops, Cambridge, said using language well was of prime importance.

Aspects related to moral integrity, civilisation, universal truth and building bridges between people should take the lead of any story, he advocated.

Dr. John Drew cited the instance of a Hungarian Jewish writer, who, despite his capture, recorded his sufferings in the form of poems.

His greatness was discovered after the poems were retrieved at the time of burial, he said.

The poet in the writer was not deterred by absence of a public stage to come out with his poetry.

Rani Drew spoke on the use of different forms of writing and the approach to write with a keen perception.

In a work of art, perception and conception are needed. For instance, Autobiography of a Dog indicates how dogs think, and how animals find a place in religion, history and mythology, she said, highlighting the Hungarian theory which gives importance to music with teaching methods.

Rev. Sr. Rosy Antony, Provincial, Trichy; Sr. Saghayamary, college secretary and Sr. Jeusin Francis, principal, offered felicitations. Regina Dorothy, head, Department of English, and Mary Jayanthi, convenor also spoke.