: Workers attached to cement factories should be sensitised to the advantages of safety gadgets in averting industrial accidents, observed V. Thangaraj, Deputy Chief Inspector of Factories, Thanjavur.

Delivering a lecture on ‘work permit system’ at the two-day training seminar on ‘Health and safety management in cement industries’ organised by Tiruchi Sub-committee of National Safety Council here on Saturday, Mr. Thangaraj said non-utilisation of safety gadgets often led to industrial accidents. Managers and supervisors should ensure workers used helmets, belts and other personal protective gadgets, he said.

Cement factories should be in possession of ‘work permit system’ for certain spots such as ‘work at an elevation’, ‘hot work’, ‘emergency maintenance’ and ‘confined space entry’ category, said Mr.Thangaraj.

P. Bose, Joint Chief Inspector of Factories, Tiruchi, in his presentation, analysed the causes of fatal accidents reported on the campus of cement factories in the past five years.

He also spoke on ways and means for averting these accidents.

Casual and contract labourers should be sensitised to the importance of safety procedures, he said.

Sathappan, a resource person for occupational health and safety, outlined health hazards and health protection methods in cement industries.

He spoke on various occupational health hazards and said preventive measures would go a long way in checking the incidence of the hazards. Periodical medical examination would also benefit workers.

K. Muthukumar, Senior Manager, BHEL, spoke on ‘safety in use of electricity’. He explained precautionary measures to check electrical shock. Solairaj, Safety Engineer, BHEL, underlined the importance of safety while handling materials at the site, on the rails and road.