M. Soundariya Preetha

Coimbatore: The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board has started work on Avinashi Road and Tiruchi Road here to shift overhead cables underground.

Chief Engineer of the Board C. Thangavel told The Hindu that the work, covering a total of 36 km, would be completed by the end of March. Mr. Thangavel said that starting near the Uppilipalayam flyover, the underground cables would be laid on the entire stretch of Avinashi Road, till the Neelambur bypass.

For Tiruchi Road, the cables would pass through the Collectorate Road and the Government Hospital Road from the Uppilipalayam flyover and continue through Tiruchi Road till the L & T Bypass.

Route divided

The estimated cost for the work was Rs. 52 crore. He said the entire route was divided into stretches of about one-and-a-half km each and tendering process was going on.

For some stretches the bidders had been selected and they had started work. The board was co-ordinating with all the other Departments.

There might be power disruptions while switching over to the underground cables. The consumers would be informed in advance, he said.

An official of the board added that on Tiruchi Road, the board was working in co-ordination with the National Highways that was carrying out widening and strengthening of NH 69, a part of which passed through Coimbatore.

Thus, the road would not be dug up again to lay the underground cables.

On both Avinashi Road and the Tiruchi Road the underground cables would be given protective covers using concrete slabs so that the cables would not be damaged when the roads would be re-laid.