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Committee to look into its feasibility

Villagers fear that during the rainy season sewage water will flow into River CauveryMinister promises to ensure uniform rate for sugarcane

ERODE: The Agriculture Minister, Veerapandy K. Arumugam, on Tuesday visited the sewage treatment plant being constructed at Bhavani by the Bhavani Municipality.

Villagers had opposed construction of the plant in their area since they feared that during the rainy season sewage water would flow into River Cauvery.

Seed farm

After visiting the STP, Mr Arumugam said three years ago the then Government granted permission for the construction of the sewage treatment plant on the site belonging to the Bhavani agricultural department's seed farm.

But people in the area opposed the construction, as they feared that ground water would be affected if the plant was constructed.

The Minister said a committee consisting of Tamilnadu Water and Drainage Board and the agriculture department officials would be formed to look into the problem.

The committee would visit the area and verify the technical feasibility of the plant.

He said till the report was submitted work on the plant would be stopped and the construction would not take place.

The Minister also said in Tamilnadu 103 uzhavar sandhais were functioning.

Uzhavar sandhais

Farmers had enrolled themselves with the regulated market authorities. They brought vegetables and fruits and sold them in the sandhais.

But he said he had received reliable information that many bogus members were included in the list. The bogus members would be eliminated, he said.

Mr Arumugam said instructions had been given to all sugar mills to grant Rs. 1050 per tonne for sugarcane having 10 per cent recovery.

Sugar mills

He said he had received complaints that no uniform rates were given in sugar mills. He promised to ensure uniform rate for sugarcane.

The Handloom and Textile Minister, N.K.K.P. Raja, and the agriculture department officials also accompanied the minister.