A huge pink cloud seemed to have descended on the city recently only to break up with wisps rushing here and there in full speed.

Over 400 women clad in pink zoomed in cars past historic landmarks, popular beach stretches and famous buildings plunging into obscure lanes to find answers to scavenger hunt riddles, cryptic clues and location-based puzzles that were cleverly hidden in a set of peppy English, Hindi and Tamil songs

These enthusiastic women were part of the musical treasure hunt, ‘Heels on Wheels,' that declared open The Hindu WoW (World of Women), presented by Chennai Silks, powered by Tata Nano, and co-sponsored by Univercell and Sowbhagya.

With women from different age groups and backgrounds participating, what was most striking was the brimming excitement. Most had come seeking a day of complete fun but there were veterans too, who had planned strategies to navigate correctly, keep a tab on time and speed. “It works better to have post-paid mobile connection and an internet-enabled phone to get the locations right,” said a participant, Raashi Shetty, a speech pathologist.

While the event brought in fun for the participants, the first three winning teams had massive prizes to take home. “It takes a combination of familiarity of routes, word power, information about landmarks and team power,” said Sabrina Rajan, from one of the winning teams. “And it helps that the husband and the kids are not there,” she grinned.

Director of The Hindu, Vijaya Arun participated in the event.