“Enough is enough and we do not want to lose our brave hearts and human resources”

: A multitude of colourful balloons swarmed the sky on the Gandhi Memorial Museum premises on Thursday even as hundreds of women gathered there pledged to end all forms of violence against women in an event organised as a part of One Billion Rising campaign.

“Enough is enough. We do not want to lose our brave hearts and human resources”, said Bimla Chandrasekar, director of Ekta Resource Centre for Women as the crowd mooted for women’s rights.

‘One Billion Rising’ campaign was observed in nearly 266 nations across the world, where flashmobs, marches, singing and dances were organised to mark the campaign.

Hundreds of women in Madurai, prominently college students, converged on the museum premises for the campaign, took oath to end all forms of violence against women, formed a human chain and let balloons in the air pledging that they would rise high in their lives and then danced, faithful to the theme of the campaign which is ‘Strike, Dance and Rise’. The crowd pledged to work towards creating a befitting society, where women are treated with respect. According to a report, one in three women in the world is a victim of violence in her life. It is estimated that one billion women in the world are subjected to violence.