Women entrepreneurs who have integrated horizontally with other business or service have scripted success stories in Tiruchi district, according to a study conducted by the Department of Women’s Studies (DWS) of Bharathidasan University.

Addressing the inaugural session of a woman entrepreneurship development programme at the DWS on Monday, N. Manimekalai, professor of the department, said a recent study conducted by them in the district revealed that the strategy of integrating two or more businesses or enterprises helped women entrepreneurs to sustain themselves in the midst of competition.

An earlier study showed that the start up rate for women entrepreneurs was considerable but the sustenance rate was not significant.

Horizontal integration of business was a lesson in sustenance, she said.

E. Ramganesh, Registrar (in charge), who inaugurated the programme, advised the participants to study the case history of successful woman entrepreneurs as it was very difficult to stay successful in a field full of challenges.

It was important to introspect on why people failed or succeeded as entrepreneurs.

A. Rajarajan, general manager, District Industries Centre, said the Human Development Index for the country was not satisfactory because of limited participation of women in all areas of development.

Sudhakar, Assistant Director, Khadi and Village Industries Board, called upon the participants to show involvement in their venture.

M. Mallika, State secretary, Women Entrepreneurs’ Association of Tamil Nadu, shared her experience as a successful entrepreneur.