The death of a woman after heart surgery in a private hospital at Kanaga Sabai Nagar in Chidambaram sparked trouble on Thursday.

Her relatives gathered in front of the hospital demanding action against the surgeon and the hospital. They demanded hefty compensation and refused to accept the body unless the demands were met.

They also said that since the surgery was performed under the Chief Minister's Extended Health Insurance Scheme, the hospital should be blacklisted.

Police sources said that Ramaraj, a farmer residing at Keezhavanniyur in Kumartchi block, got his wife R. Thaiyalnayaki (36) admitted to the hospital after she complained of chest pain on Wednesday evening. The doctor advised immediate surgery and, with Mr. Ramaraj's consent, performed it.

The patient died on Wednesday night but this was conveyed to Ramaraj after a four-hour delay. Not convinced by the reasoning of the doctor he went home without taking the body.

Later, along with his relatives, he gathered before the hospital.

The surgeon said that he had done nothing wrong and refused to concede the relatives' demands.

Revenue Divisional Officer Indumathi, K. Balakrishnan, MLA, and police personnel went to the hospital and pacified the relatives. Later, the body was taken to Chidambaram government hospital for post-mortem.