A woman from Tiruchi was relieved of over seven sovereigns of gold, a camera and Rs.16,000 by two tricksters who diverted her attention here on Saturday night.

The police said S. Sankareswari (49) of Dheeran Nagar in Tiruchi was having food sitting in an SUV outside a hotel opposite the Mattuthavani integrated bus stand here. The woman was part of a tourists’ group that had visited Courtallam.

On their way back home, the team stopped their vehicle to have dinner at around 9 p.m.

While all other members had gone into the restaurant, Sankareswari stayed back in the vehicle to take care of the two children sleeping in it, the police said.

A middle-aged man approached her drawing her attention to two Rs.10 notes lying on the ground near the vehicle. He handed over the money to her.

A few minutes later, a youth came to her and told her that currency notes were lying on the ground.

The woman got down from the vehicle and took a Rs.10 note. Ms. Sankareswari later found that a bag kept on the front seat of the vehicle was missing. Pudur police have registered a case of theft.