Among scores of Indians stuck in the turmoil-struck Egyptian capital of Cairo are eight employees and their families from Bangalore's Wipro office.

It was reported that the employees would be brought back early on Monday.

However, the company did not share any details about when and if they had returned safely.

A team of employees have been in Cairo for an on-site project for the past few months, and reportedly contacted the Wipro office when streets of the capital city began to look like a “revolution” was imminent.

With the Egyptian Government blocking the Internet, they are now relying on other teams in Abu Dhabi who are constantly in touch with them over telephone, sources said.

The company is also in touch with the Ministry of External Affairs and Indian Embassy there.

Close monitoring

In a statement, a Wipro spokesperson said: “We are closely monitoring the situation in Egypt, and have taken steps to ensure the safety of our employees. We have invoked the necessary Business Continuity Planning (BCP) processes, to ensure customers and businesses are not impacted. We also hope that the situation is resolved quickly.”