M. Soundariya Preetha

COIMBATORE: Tamil Nadu, which has surplus renewable energy generation, especially from wind, is likely to see some power traders buying electricity from these bulk generators soon. This follows a meeting Tata Power had here recently with wind mill investors in association with the Indian Wind Power Association.

K. Kasthurirangaian, vice-chairman of the association, told The Hindu that by the end of September last year, the installed wind energy capacity in the State was 3,795 MW and may be another 100 MW would be added by the end of this month. Energy generation from the windmills was the maximum between May and October, the windy months in the State. However, for the last four years with inadequate infrastructure the wind mills were facing evacuation problems and loss in generation.

Evacuation capacity was upgraded in Coimbatore region last year and works were on in the Southern Districts now, Mr. Kasthurirangaian said. This year, the evacuation would be better in these districts, which had roughly 60 per cent of the installed capacity.

However, while the TNEB paid Rs. 2.70 to Rs. 2.90 a unit for wind energy, the average market price was Rs. 5 a unit or more in summer. The wind mills were seeking for Rs. 3.25 a unit. The Northern and Western parts of the country faced ‘chronic power deficit’, especially in summer. The shortage was 18 to 20 per cent in the Northern region and 18 to 22 per cent in the Western region. With surplus renewable energy available here, the power trading companies were expected to discuss purchase of power from these generators.

Mr. Kasthurirangaian said Tata Power was purchasing energy from the cogeneration units now and they were likely to hold talks with some of the bulk wind energy generators here.

If this proposal materialised, it could mean better price realisation for the windmills, he said.