Chief Minister N. Rangasamy on Wednesday said that the government would favourably consider the demand to set up a State Medical Council to improve the quality of medical education in Puducherry.

Responding to a question raised by A. Anbazhagan (AIADMK), he said that the members had been expressing concern over the functioning of medical colleges. The government was aware of the issues concerning medical education. It had been monitoring the available infrastructure in medical colleges, students’ enrolment, faculty and others. There was a need to improve the quality of education.

Hence, the government would favourably consider the demand for establishing State Medical Council so as to step up the monitoring mechanism.

Mr. Anbazhagan said as per the norms of Medical Council of India (MCI), the private medical colleges should surrender 50 percent of seats to the State governments.

It was applicable to colleges in Puducherry also. Moreover, colleges were allowed to start in Puducherry only based on 50:50 formula. But, the government had not been abled to implement the formula letter and spirit. It had to carry out intense negotiation with private medical colleges to ensure its rights. Similarly, it couldn’t get even a single Post Graduate seat from the private medical colleges for the government quota.

He added that the cost of MBBS seat in management quota was hovering between Rs.40 to 50 lakh in Puducherry. It was between Rs.1.25 and 2 crore for PG seats. They had been sold to the highest bidders from rich and Non Resident Indian students. No meritorious student from Puducherry was able to get PG seat. It had showed that the Government had no real control over the functioning of private medical colleges. Hence, steps must be taken to bring all private medical colleges under the close supervision of the government.

Several other members including the Leader of Opposition V. Vaithilingam, E. Valsaraj (Congress), Ashok Anand and P.M.L. Kalyanasundaram (AINRC) and others also stressed the need for an effective monitoring mechanism to control medical colleges.

Later, replying to the calling attention notice by Anbazhagan and Omsakthi Sekar on Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme, Mr. Rangasamy said it had achieved 98 percent in implementing DBT scheme.