Poultry farmers have expressed happiness over the Namakkal zone of the National Egg Coordination Committee's (NECC) decision to increase the wholesale price of egg by six more paise to Rs. 2.82 per egg, at the rate fixation meeting that was held at its zonal office here on Thursday.

This is the sixth time the wholesale price of egg has been increased over the last 10 days. From its price of Rs. 2.51 a piece till the previous Sunday (October 16), it has steadily increased by 31 paise so far due to increasing demand for egg in the northern States, says its Chairman Dr. P. Selvaraj.

He said that the demand is still rising and felt that further price hike of egg could be expected in the next few days. Saying so, he pointed out that the wholesale price of egg has also been increased in the other major egg production zones across the country.

Other NECC centres where wholesale egg is priced more than Namakkal is as follows: Delhi (Rs. 3.10), Kanpur and Kolkata (Rs. 3.05), Barwala, Luknow and Varanasi (Rs. 3), Allahabad (Rs. 2.95), Pune (Rs. 2.91), Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Miraj (Rs. 2.89).