Karthik Madhavan

14th Lok Sabha lost over 70 working days

They were

due to adjournments

ERODE: There are many, many ifs to the promises the candidates contesting the Erode Parliamentary constituency make. The first is if they will win; the second is if they win, will they be part of the ruling coalition and if at all they are, will the MP to-be be a part of the council of ministers. And, now the big if: will he or she deliver what is promised.

These questions matter because an MP from a ruling coalition will be better placed to leverage his position to get things done as against an MP from the Opposition. And, if the Erode MP to-be goes on to become a Minister, then it is all the more easier to get things done. Until then the candidates’ promises to solve Erode’s pollution problem, address farmers’ needs, develop Erode, etc. will remain what they are: just promises.

But then there is a promise that the MP to-be can make but none of the candidates are making: that of attending the 15th Lok Sabha without fail and not disrupting sessions.

The promise assumes significance because the 14th Lok Sabha, which just concluded, lost over 70 working days because of interruptions and adjournments. Consider the Lok Sabha secretariats details available on the Web.

Members of Parliament lost as much as 396.7 hours in adjournments and another 24.9 in interruptions that preceded adjournments.

Together the two account for 421.6 hours loss and considering that the Lok Sabha meets between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., the total loss works to a little over 70 days.

(The figure excludes the 15th sessions, the details of which are awaited.)

In effect, our MPs lost about two months. The time period lost assumes significance as every session ends without debating many of the bills tabled.

Candidates contesting the Erode Parliamentary constituency have, however, failed to talk about attending as many sessions and sittings as possible and not disrupting the Lok Sabha’s functioning, something the people of the constituency look forward to.