The group of men and women who sat in the shamiana on Saturday near the Government Guest House in Chepauk all wanted one thing — justice.

They are victims of crime, who, despite knocking on several doors, have received precious little help.

Anisha, 13-year-old daughter of K. Narayanan, committed suicide on 3 September, 2011.

She left behind a suicide note in which she implicated her teachers for her act. Though the note was recovered by the police no effort was made to act on it, Mr. Narayanan said. In fact, he says that the police asked him if he wanted compensation for his daughter’s death. He was warned both by the school authorities and the police that it would affect his son’s future. His son has since then passed out of school and joined college.

“What happened to my daughter should not happen to another child. I had a shop on the footpath and could not fight such influential people. I want the teachers brought to justice,” the man, who is now into waterproofing roofs, said.

A dispute over property with her brother, led to W. Sheela being branded a mad woman. She has photographs showing her beaten and bruised.

“Trouble began in 2006 when my brother wanted to throw me out of the house. I went to police for help but they snipped off my hair and sent me to The Banyan, an asylum for the mentally ill.”

Sheela has a sheaf of papers to show how she has been running around for justice. “Neither the police not the lawyers have helped me. Even when I sought details under RTI, the police furnish false details,” she said.

A woman who leased out her property has lost possession of her house and did not get the specified money either. S.R. Radhai, the owner of the house in Shenoy Nagar, has approached the deputy commissioner of police to explain her situation. Though she has met the police several times not much has happened.

“Please help me get back my money. My sight is failing and I need a place to stay,” she said.

Beema Gopalan’s idli shop on Ellis Road in Triplicane was burnt down in 2011 a day before the Assembly elections. Gopalan’s fault was that he had written a book on his favourite political leader. Though he appealed to the police no case was filed and he received no compensation either.

These men and women and others like them, who went on fast, hoped to gain the attention of government agencies.

Victims of crime went on fast near Government Guest House in Chepauk