T.K. Ponnusamy, Commissioner, Coimbatore Corporation: The Corporation has been taking all possible efforts to reduce waterlogging on the City's roads. At the Avanashi Road subway and the one near Kikani School, motors to pump out water are kept ready. For low-lying areas, the Corporation sends lorries with motors to flush out water. It also deploys the respective zonal sanitary officers to take necessary action.

V. Chellam, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Coimbatore City: The City comes to a standstill after rain because there are only two routes to move from west to east and vice versa – the North Coimbatore and Avanashi Road flyovers. And they are choked because two-wheeler riders, who take shelter from rain, move onto the roads at one go, overtake and arrest all possible ways for vehicle movement. If they stick to the left, slow but sure movement of vehicles is possible. The police will find this easier to manage.

R. Raveendran, Honorary Secretary, Residents' Awareness Association of Coimbatore: The reason for the City experiencing such water-logging is lack of planning. Cosmetic changes like pedestrians pathways were laid. The ‘make-up' was removed during the rains. At the time of conceiving the project, the Coimbatore Corporation should have consulted city planners, which, sadly, it did not. At least now, it should take the expertise of a city planner and with minimal investment, carry out corrections.