Staff Reporter

Chennai: The Murthuzaviya Educational and Cultural Foundation of South India will soon open a well-equipped hospital in Kodungaiyur to serve the poor.

The Foundation has run an out-patient facility in Kodungaiyur for several years. Secretary of the Foundation G.S.M.P. Khadri said a new building has been constructed to replace the out-patient facility with a modern hospital. The cost of the new hospital is about Rs.3 crore. It would be inaugurated after the equipment are purchased, Mr. Khadri said.

Founder president of the Foundation S.K. Khadri said that the organisation offered free education for underprivileged children and youth.

At the ‘Students Welfare Day’ on Sunday, gifts were distributed to orphans and destitute children. Prizes were awarded to students who had excelled in their courses.

Free bicycles distributed

Prince of Arcot Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali distributed free bicycles given under the State Government scheme to students of Class XI.

He encouraged the students to give their best to their studies and explore every opportunity to receive education.

Mr. Ali said that the Muslim community was still backward in education compared to others and this situation needed to change. He also urged students to respect all religions for harmony in society.

Dental surgeon Asif Baig and Rabbani Vaidyasala director S.A. Syed Sathar Rabbani also spoke words of encouragements to the students.