The World Community Service Centre (WCSC) was founded by Shri Vethathiri Maharishi in 1958. WCSC has launched an initiative that takes the benefits of yoga, a subject often heard in the urban families that live the fast life, to the rural masses.

The centre, which aims to promote peace, has already started teaching yoga and meditation free of cost to people in 15 villages in Tamil Nadu under its Village Service Project, a brainchild of SKM. Maeilanandhan, its president.

“We found a majority of the people in the rural areas face several problems and live under heavy stress. So we have come up with the initiative of teaching yoga to the rural people and help them lead a peaceful and healthy life,” says Mr. Maeilanandhan.

The centre helps people to practice Simplified Kundalini Yoga. “It has produced very good results and many families in the 15 villages are now leading a happy life,” Mr. Maeilanandhan points out.

The centre has plans to adopt one village in each district and teach them yoga there by bringing in peace, communal harmony and social awareness among rural people.

Apart from this project, the centre's educational wing, Vision for Wisdom, joined hands with 14 universities and offered certificate, diploma and degree courses on – Yoga for Human Excellence (YHE) – to more than 85,000 students.