Thanks to good rainfall received in the wake of northeast monsoon

Lakes in Villupuram district are filling up fast owing to good rainfall received in the wake of northeast monsoon.

Collector R. Palanisamy has directed the Public Works Department to keep a close watch on all water sources.

He told presspersons here on Thursday that PWD officials had been instructed to carry out maintenance work wherever necessary and remove encroachments along waterways.

There were 829 lakes in the district under the purview of the PWD of which 624 were located in Villupuram division and 205 in Kallakurichi division.

Of these, over 236 lakes were full to the brim, 160 had filled up to 75 per cent capacity and 212 had filled up to 50 per cent capacity.

Mr. Palanisamy further said that the PWD was managing the Veedur, Gomukhi and Manimuktha dams. Since water level in the Manimuktha was rising fast, water would soon be released for irrigation.

Water level in the Sathanur dam stood at 102.07 ft against the maximum height of 119 ft, and therefore, there was an immediate possibility of letting out stored water into the Thenpennaiyar.

PWD officials had warned persons living near the water sources and low-level areas to be cautious.


Till Thursday morning, rainfall received was as follows: Villupuram – 13 mm, Kallakurichi – 55 mm, Sankarapuram – 23 mm and Marakkanam – 15 mm.

Water level in the dams is as follows: Gomukhi – 44 ft (maximum 46 ft), Veedur – 27.30 ft (32 ft) and Sathanur – 102 ft (119 ft).

Rainfall in Cuddalore district was as follows: Melmathur – 44 mm, Bhuvanagiri – 22 mm, Vepur – 20 mm, Cuddalore – 19.40 mm, Kuppanatham – 19.20 mm, Vriddhachalam – 19 mm and Parangipettai – 14 mm.