Special Correspondent

COIMBATORE: Water overflowed from the Siruvani Dam on Saturday, lending a sense of comfort to the Coimbatore Corporation, three municipalities and about 10 wayside habitations that were dependent on the Siruvani scheme for drinking water.

This is the second time this year that the water is overflowing from the dam.

The first overflow was on July 18, following a 17-day torrential downpour in the catchments and copious inflow from the upper reaches of the Siruvani Hills.

The overflow stopped around the third week of August.

The local bodies and the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board were then reconciled to a wait till the North-East Monsoon in October for a top up over what the South West Monsoon had already provided.

Heavy rain

But, the latest spell of heavy rain in the catchments led to an unexpected second overflow.

Water board officials said the dam filled to its capacity of 650 million cubic feet and the overflow from the dam was likely to continue as there was continuous rain of 20 mm to 40 mm.