Wild growth of water hyacinth and ipomea in the course of river Amaravathy, aided to a great extent by the draining of effluents and sewer, in several places along the banks in Karur town is posing a challenge to the aycut farmers who are hoping against hope that the water released from Amaravathy reservoir would reach the tail-end areas shortly.

The Amaravathy enters Karur district near Chettipalayam check dam and meanders along till it drains into River Cauvery near Thirumukkoodalur. Along the course while up to the Appipalayam area rocky outcrops mar the course, below that the river has been a traditional source of irrigation to more than 10,000 acres in the tail-end aycut from Karur through Sanapiratti to Somur village and even beyond.

Heeding the repeated pleas of the Amaravathy aycut ryots in general and the Karur district tail-end farmers in particular, the Chief Minister Jayalalithaa ordered release of water for irrigation from the Amaravathy reservoir near Udumalpet in Tirupur district recently. Consequent to that order, water is being released at the rate of 700 cusecs per day for 10 days. With two days already gone, the tail-end farmers were hoping that the released water would somehow reach their fields bereft of irrigation other than that received during the rainy spell that lasted a couple of days last week.

But the wild growth in the form of water hyacinth and ipomea in the course of the river especially in the areas abutting the Karur town is hindering the free flow of the meagre quantum of water being released.

``PWD authorities must have cleared the wild growth including water hyacinth and ipomea along the course of the river well ahead of the water release to enable free flow. However it is too late now and nothing much could be done as it has resumed raining too,’’ rues P.Chenniappan, a famer from Somur village.

He is not sure whether the released water will reach his field but is confident that neither the politicians nor the officials have grasped the problems of farmers in the tail-end areas of old Amaravathy aycut and have not thought of a permanent solution.

His friends from the Somur and Sanapiratti villages aver that the dumping of effluents and drainage water into the river in various points along the course through the town area has only served proliferation of water hyacinth in a great way. Besides, they have been causing numerous health-related problems including inducing dermatological diseases to the farm labourers and farmers who irrigate the polluted water. The officials must do something to stem the tide, they urge. They want the PWD to clear the water hyacinth growth as soon as possible and prevent further draining of sewer water into the river in the town areas.

River has been a traditional source of irrigation to more than 10,000 acres in tail-end aycuts