Two water bodies that were fulfilling the water supply needs of people in Vandiyur village panchayat had been closed by the panchayat administration stating that they were in a dilapidated condition. It was also promised that new ones would be built instead. Though more than one-and-a-half years have passed, no action has been taken, resulting in undue hardships to the people. Will the local body take action and solve the water crisis in Vandiyur panchayat area?

A.R. Moorthy,


Pat for police

The city police must be commended for taking sincere efforts to facilitate smooth flow of traffic in the Periyar bus stand area. I request the authorities to remove all the autorickshaws parked in front of Periyar bus stand and old Thiruvalluvar bus stand, besides vendors from the platforms for the benefit of passengers.

S.N.M.T. Nagarajan,


Basic amenities needed

With regard to Mattuthavani integrated bus stand, the authorities claim/desire it to be a model bus stand in their own way. But the public expects good shelter, drinking water, free use of toilets, full- fledged post office, Aavin retail outlet etc. Thousands of rupees are collected everyday as fees from buses using the bus stand and a huge sum is collected as rent from shops. The main purpose of collecting the money is to provide basic amenities to the public. But the revenue from the bus stand is used for other purposes. The authorities can allocate a small portion of the huge revenue for providing the basic amenities.

There is a one-man post office with limited services inside the bus stand. A small petromax-type post box hangs on the corridor which is not safe since urchins can easily slip their hand inside the box and steal stamps from the mails inside.

A full-fledged sub-post office can be opened here and change the post box into a safer barrel-typed one fixed on the ground.

There is a good potential for opening a modern Aavin retail outlet that can function round-the-clock at the bus stand.

S.S. Subramanian,