R. Sujatha

CHENNAI: India is set to benefit from innovations in technology that has made manufacturing companies and business organisations in the United Kingdom competitive and modern.

The initiative to improve Indian organisations has come from the 30-year-old Warwick Manufacturing Group of the University of Warwick, which has an international presence. The University offers nine Master's level engineering management courses that have been well-received by Indian students, says Jeffery Alun Jones, Associate Professor, Warwick Manufacturing Group.

Dr. Jones was in Chennai on a two-day visit to “tell universities about research initiatives relevant to India.” More initiatives for better partnership will ensue when “a leading organisation in India signs a memorandum of understanding with WMG,” Dr. Jones says.

The WMG will be working in four segments: improving productivity in manufacturing units; providing opportunities for research through Indian universities; teaching technology use to small and medium enterprises; and building low cost, quality houses. The enterprises will be provided an infrastructure that allows suppliers in the UK and India to connect.

“Social network sites will be used to improve the business experience of people who own SMEs. Any SME that wants to get involved in it is welcome to join,” Dr. Jones says as “it is an initiative to improve connectivity to partners and their customers.”