Discussion regarding wage agreement for workers of a diamond unit here was held here on Monday in the presence of the Revenue Divisional Officer (RDO).

Labour officials, management and CITU representatives participate in the meeting. The talks will continue of October 25.

According to a CITU member, the diamond unit has four factories in Coimbatore and employs 3,500 workers. Almost 90 per cent of them are women.

A new wage agreement for the workers was expected to come into effect from April 1 this year.

However, the talks were delayed and an agreement was reached in September this year between the management and two trade unions (LPF and INTUC) at the unit.

The CITU opposed the agreement as it was against the production incentive system and also sought a higher DA. A meeting in this regard was to be held at the office of the Labour Department here on October 19.

Over 1,000 workers gathered in front of the office on Friday to stress that an agreement should be reached at the earliest. Since the management representatives were not present, the workers later went to the Collectorate to submit their appeal.

District Collector M. Karunagaran listened to the workers and said that the issue would be discussed in the presence of the RDO on Monday.


The CITU insisted on five major demands, including increase in basic wages, dearness allowance and relaxation of conditions for attendance incentive.

An agreement was reached on the attendance incentive on Monday and talks on the other issues will continue on Thursday, the CITU member said.