A wage protection system is needed to secure the rights of low and semi-skilled workers from Tamil Nadu to other countries, said Protector of Emigrants Jai Shankar.

Speaking at a workshop on ‘Challenges to migration today' organised by the Migrant Forum-India here on Thursday, he said that a large number of labourers, construction workers and maids travelling abroad for work were not aware of their rights.

“We are conducting awareness campaigns on their rights. Counselling is being organised at the office of the Protector of Emigrants in Chennai,” he said.

The prospective migrants are told about their rights as employees and the laws and rules of the countries they are travelling to. “Many of them do not even know about the nature of work. It is our duty to prepare and counsel them. Prospective emigrants should seek the help of registered recruiting agents,” said Mr.Shankar.

Countries such as Malaysia have a large number of workers from Tamil Nadu working in hotels. Every year, the annual outflow and inflow from Malaysia is around 20,000. We have arranged a meeting with Restaurant Owners Association of Malaysia in June to discuss various issues,” he added.


A resolution was passed at the workshop requesting the State government to set up a separate ministry for such emigrants as a large number of people from Tamil Nadu have started to migrate abroad in search of jobs.