Aloysius Xavier Lopez

Residents of South Chennai, Tiruvallur constituencies keep their fingers crossed

“Coordination of MPs from city and suburbs is crucial in taking benefits of Central government schemes to the people”

“A committee of members from welfare associations should meet periodically with MPs and address issues”

CHENNAI: The residents of South Chennai and Tiruvallur (Parliamentary constituencies) have elected representatives belonging to a party not part of the ruling alliance. In Chennai South, S. Rajendran, and in Tiruvallur, P. Venugopal, both belonging to the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, emerged winners in the 15th Lok Sabha elections.

The residents of those two constituencies are now keeping their fingers crossed, hoping that development works will not be impeded as their Members of Parliament (MPs) do not belong to the ruling party. They are well aware that elected representatives to the Lok Sabha play a significant role in the initiative and completion of development works in and around the city.

MPs may have many proposals to improve their constituency. But the planned growth of the nation’s economy, the effects of globalisation and obligations of other organs of State make their task of meeting the local aspirations challenging, says M. Chidambaram, a resident of Abhiramapuram.

A committee of members from welfare associations should meet periodically with the MPs and address issues in which their intervention is necessary, he added.

Even though elected representatives of the civic bodies in the Chennai Metropolitan Area are voicing the demands and aspirations of the residents, large infrastructure projects require the intervention and contribution of MPs for effective implementation, says M.B. Nirmal, Founder of Exnora International.

As lack of funds continues to be a constraint in some development projects, contribution from the MP Local Area Development Scheme funds and the cooperation of the civic authorities is necessary, residents stress.

Coordination of the Lok Sabha members from the city and its suburbs is crucial in taking the benefits of Central government schemes to the people, says Sandhya Prabhakar, who lives in Mylapore, part of the South Chennai constituency. MPs of the new Lok Sabha should meet the people every month and spend time with them to understand their problems, she adds.

Mythili Sriram, Exnora member, says that there will be lack of coordination among the MPs who are belonging to parties opposing each other.

As parties aim at gaining political mileage using development works and welfare measures, people in the city may suffer if political compulsions dominate development interventions of the MPs.

“It will be a miracle if the MPs belonging to different political parties work together for bringing development projects to Chennai,” says Ms. Sriram.

As political parties have to face Assembly elections in a few years, they will be forced to contribute to development irrespective of the elected representatives belonging to other parties, says V. Rajagopal, a resident of Anna Nagar West (Extension).