The fight against corruption becoming the focus of the Lok Sabha elections, a campaign stressing that ‘voting is our right’ and ‘votes are not for sale’ would begin from the first week of April.

Salem Consumer Voice members would distribute pamphlets, stickers and educate voters about the ill-effects of abstaining from voting and the need to exercise their franchise without receiving money.

Its founder president J.M. Boopathi said that voting was the basic right in the world’s biggest democracy and hence it was essential that each one cast their vote. He added that votes were bought through material or monetary benefits, it paved the way for corruption. The two-wheeler campaign is expected to begin continue till third week of April. The pamphlets would carry messages about exercising the basic right without getting money, and would tell voters the need to build a corruption-free society. They had successfully carried out the campaign during the by-election to the Yercaud Assembly constituency, he said.