Deputy Election Commissioner holds consultative meeting

Deputy Election Commissioner J.P. Prakash on Wednesday conducted a consultative meeting through video conferencing with Collector V. Palanikumar, Superintendent of Police, Vellore, T.S. Anbu, and poll observers on the work to be carried out on the counting day.

Various aspects of the counting process were discussed. According to a release, the number of electronic voting machines (EVM), place of polling and number of the EVM used there and details provided in the form should be checked before counting votes.

The total button should be pressed and details of votes secured by the candidates registered.

It should be checked if votes secured by candidates and the total votes polled tallied. The election observer would look into these details on 14 counting tables. Voting details should be released only after the poll observer is satisfied after checking the process, the release said.

Details of each round of counting should be sent through fax to the Chief Electoral Officer.

It should be published on the Internet and announced through loud speaker. A photocopy of the details should be given to the candidates and mediapersons, the release said.

The candidates and agents should not go to the places where the poll observer and returning officer are seated. Computers for poll work would be selected through lots.

The poll observers would take lots and allot staff for the work to each counting table. At each round, the signature of the agents should be obtained, the release said.