Villagers of Vijaya Achchampaadu near Thisaiyanvilai in the district have decided to approach the Collector, higher police officials here as well as in Chennai to find a permanent solution in the problem pertaining to the alleged driving of wedge between different communities by an Inspector of Police.

According to the villagers, celebration of Sri Muththaaramman Temple, despite being administered by the Caste Hindus, is being jointly conducted with the Dalits for the past several decades though the hamlet houses only 20 families of “oppressed community” along with 770 Caste Hindu families.

A minor scuffle, that broke out between the Caste Hindus and Dalits during a ‘kabaddi' match conducted recently as part of the temple festival, was blown out of proportion by the police. The police registered a case against the Caste Hindus, though most of the Dalits were against the filing, they alleged.

“However, Police Inspector Nagamanickam (of Thisaiyanvilai Police Station) wantonly involved the office-bearer of a Dalit outfit from another village for exerting pressure on the Vijaya Achchampaadu Dalits to file case against the Caste Hindus. Subsequently, 13 persons including two college students were arrested that sowed seeds of animosity between the two communities. When the elders from both sides were gearing up for reconciliation, he indirectly blocked it by discouraging our youths from doing so that ultimately led to the protest (settling down in the irrigation tank) by the Caste Hindus,” said a Dalit from Vijaya Achchampaadu.

Now, representatives of the Caste Hindus and the Dalits are likely to submit petition to the Collector and the top police officials here seeking action against the Police Inspector.