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Hundreds demand road connectivity to Indira Nagar in Unjampatti

THENI: Hundreds of people from Unjampatti village picketed Theni-Periakulam Highway near Bommiyagoundenpatti by keeping a dead body demanding road connectivity to Indira Nagar, an Adi Dravida Colony in their village on Monday.

They alleged that the existing path that came within a private patta land was closed by the land owner recently.

With no road connectivity, they could not bring the body of Raja, who died in the village this morning, to the burial ground.

Now, the residents of Unjampatti had to travel at least two kilometres to reach the main road.

A total of 500 families had been living in Indira Nagar for a long time.

Despite repeated requests, district administration did not take any effort to lay road to their colony.

The land owner suddenly erected a fence around his farm blocking the only path that connected the village and the highway.

In a fit anger, the residents laid the body on the road and refused to remove it. Revenue officials and the police rushed to the spot and assured agitators that new road would be laid within a week.

Moreover, the colony would also get adequate facilities shortly, they promised. Later, the local people withdrew agitation and took the body to the burial ground.