Through the ages, the Tamil people have relied on the Thirukkural to provide them with guidance in their life, and, even today, several people imbibe morals and values from these couplets. Now, however, there is one village in the Union Territory that has decided to adopt the principles of the Thirukkural in the way they run their village.

From Wednesday, the villagers of Pillayarkuppam located off the Cuddalore Main Road have taken a decision to adopt the tenets of Thirukkural in their daily life and, through it, they hope to improve the quality of life for every citizen of the village.

The Thirukkural has advice on everything from how to behave in society to various aspects of family, education and life itself. By adopting the policies outlined in the Thirukkural , it is possible to vastly improve one’s way of life, R. Ramesh, president of the Evergreen Foundation, which is the organisation that took the decision to implement the idea in their village, said.

Even simple kurals like “He is poor though a millionaire, who neither gives nor spends,” speak volumes. Although the kurals are concise and adopting their policies is a bit difficult, by taking up this challenge, the village will improve vastly.

A very good aspect of the Thirukkural is that regardless of one’s religion and beliefs, the couplets and their message will apply to everyone. There are three books on wealth, virtue and love and by even understanding one couplet a day and implementing its message in one’s daily life, there will be a vast improvement in every aspect of the person’s life.

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi, the people of Pillayarkuppam will gather together in order to take a resolution to adopt the policies of the Thirukkural .

To mark the occasion, all the members of the village panchayat, their Self Help Groups and other organisations have been invited. The idea is to explain to them that the point of their organisation is not simply to enrol members but also to eliminate various social evils from society.

There will then be competitions and debates for the people based on the Thirukkural , as well as an interaction with the leaders of various other villages. The leaders and youth of 12 other villages have also been invited to help them understand the reason for adopting these policies.

Copies of the Thirukkural with explanations will be distributed amongst the people and they will be asked to read and understand one couplet a day. In the long run, it will make a vast difference, he said.

On the occasion, the people of the village will also take a vow to ensure that their village is completely crime-free for the next one year. On October 2, 2014, the people will come together once more to assess the implementation of their policy.

Members of the Puducherry Tirukural Manram will oversee the event. The greatest value of kural is its universal ethical content. The scripture, divided into three books, consists of 1330 couplets clustered in 133 chapters elucidating different aspects of human virtues or vices. In the first chapter of Virtue, God is portrayed as Universal in content transcending the marginal line of God being Hindu, Jain, Muslim or Christian.