Man detained for inquiry; colleagues say she had been asked to leave job

The Teynampet police have picked up the man 26-year-old Anjali Das had been close to, for inquiries. “He is believed to be the man who was seen reviving her near the flyover. He told us that they had had a fight recently. We will investigate further,” said a police officer.

Anjali, who committed suicide by jumping from Anna (Gemini) flyover on Wednesday evening, was one of eight siblings.

Speaking to The Hindu , Anjali’s brother Ravi said the family hailed from Kolkata. Their father, Shambu Das, died two years ago, while their mother, Rekha, was still in Kolkata.

The siblings moved to Chennai around 10 years ago and lived in Kodambakkam

“Anjali married Dinesh some years ago, and they have a five-year-old daughter. Anjali was working at a salon in T. Nagar. Recently, she and her husband divorced, and the child is now with our mother in Kolkata,” Ravi said.

Ravi said Anjali had been interested in another man for the past few months. “The man had approached me and asked for my sister’s hand in marriage. But I did not want to interfere in her personal life,” said Ravi, breaking down in tears.

Colleagues at her workplace said Anjali was a cheerful person and was always very polite. However, she had recently been asked to leave.

“She had been with us for a long time. But recently, we had to dismiss her, as she had not been regular to work,” said a senior staff member.

She said Anjali had been coming in late for some time and had also been taking a lot of leave.

“Sometimes she used to sit alone and cry. She used to have cut marks on her hands and sometimes, burns too. She said she had inflicted them on herself. We suspected she had suicidal tendencies,” she said.

Another colleague said they would visit Anjali’s family and offer their condolences on Thursday.

A staff member at the salon said the 26-year-old sometimes had cuts, burns on her arms, which she said she’d inflicted on herself