For installing solar projects

The Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is establishing seven Solar Insolation Monitoring Systems in the State to identify viable locations for installing solar power projects. While four are coming up in the southern areas of Kayathar, Ramanathapuram, Karaikudi, and Tiruchi, the other three would be at Chennai, Erode, and Vellore.

The project is being implemented through Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA), which would collect the data and analyse it.

S.E.S. Syed Ahamed, Deputy General Manager, TEDA Madurai Region, which comprised 11 southern and central districts, toldThe Hinduhere on Thursday these 5-KW monitoring systems would measure various factors such as intensity of sunlight, velocity of wind and humidity.

The data would be collected for a period of two years. Similar monitoring systems were coming up at 81 districts across the country.

The interest for solar power was increasing in the southern districts. While no solar power project was operational prior to 2009, India's first 5-MW solar power station was commissioned by Moserbaer at Sivaganga district on November last year.

Further, a 1-MW SPV Power Plant was under construction at Sattur.

Further, 12 solar-powered 2-KW water pumps were already in operation at Nenmani near Sattur.

Also, a 6-KW SPV Rooftop System had also been installed at Sivakasi.

A proposal to install a 10-KW SPV Rooftop System at the Cape Institute of Technology in Kanyakumari had also been sent for MNRE approval.

A total of 50 applications for 1-KW power packs have been submitted by the members of Virudhunagar District Small and Tiny Industries Association (VIDTSSIA) and a meeting was on Thursday held by TEDA to discuss the cost, technical feasibility, funding and subsidy.

The cost of a 1KW SPV Rooftop System had come down to Rs. 2 lakh from Rs. 3.15 lakh.

Besides, the project was also eligible for a subsidy of Rs.81,000.