: Prices of select vegetables in uzhavar sandhais continued to look upward and there seems to be very little chance that the prices may dip in the near future, according to farmers.

With the soaring temperature, they said the prices of vegetables such as tomatoes, small onions, carrot and others have shot up by at least 40 to 50 per cent, compared to previous month.

Agriculture department officials in the uzhavar sandhais attributed the rise to prevailing drought, which had resulted in fall in supply. With marriage season picking up, bulk consumption of vegetables is also seen as a factor in the price rise of vegetables.

The prices of small onions, tomatoes, green chilly, cabbage and carrot have risen steadily in the last 21-30 days. Only exception is ladies finger, which has been hovering around Rs.14 and 16 per kg, while the prices of onions are quoted at Rs. 65 (superior quality) per kg. The carrot prices had shot up to Rs.50 and Rs.60 per kg (first quality). The arrival of fruits at the uzhavar sandhais is also not encouraging, according to Ramu Ammal from Alanganallur. With very little water available, it is becoming tough to do safe harvest. Even if we bring the produce to markets, people are shocked over the high prices. However, SHG women selling juice are happy as they are registering good sales in the uzhavar sandhais.