Bibikulam uzhavar sandhai caters to the needs of people on the northern parts of the city. However for better functioning and to meet the convenience of customers, improvement is essential in the following aspects — within the market, the ground is uneven and leads to stagnation of rainwater; water overflowing from tank stagnates near the entrance on the southern side; concrete pavement must be provided inside the market; the entire stretch in front of the market must be levelled, preferably blacktopped; rottengarbage is found on the south and north sides; traffic has to be regulated as haphazard parking of vehicles causes inconvenience. The authorities concerned are requested to tackle these problems in synergy.

Y. S. Kadakshamani

president, Environment Protection and Improvement Council, , Madurai

Busy junction

The Aiyar Bungalow junction, where four roads meet, is a very busy area. There is a heavy rush in the peak hours at this point. An automatic signal is needed here to streamline traffic and avoid accidents.

M. Krishnan,


Tower needed

The BSNL mobile subscriber base is huge in Keelaiyur Panchayat and surrounding villages such as Thaniyamangalam and Saraguvalayapatti. Since there is no BSNL cellphone tower in this area, subscribers find it difficult to make/receive calls and messages.The BSNL must install a tower at Keelaiyur.

S. M. Muthu,


Bus fare high

It was announced that to cater to the needs of elders and the infirm, air buses with low-floor are introduced. But the fare in these buses are double the normal fare and the stops are few as in the case of express service. Hence the very purpose of introducing these buses is defeated. The huge investment made on these luxury buses may not get the returns. The TNSTC should revise the fare structure and number of bus stops, taking into account elders and the physically challenged.

D. J. C. Barnes,



A lot of vehicles ply on city roads now. Motorists never care to give priority for pedestrians to cross the road. Pedestrian-crossings with signals must be installed at railway junction, Government Rajaji Hospital, St. Mary’s School, OCPM School, Bibikulam, Teppakkulam, North Veli Street, Tamil Sangam Road, East Veli Street, Periyar Bus Stand, South Masi Street and West Veli Street. It will be more helpful to children, elders and women. The police department must give top priority to this matter. R. G. Rethinam,