About 500 post offices in Coimbatore Zone, which covers eight districts, offer ePost service and nearly 100 more post offices in the zone will also have the facility gradually.

The Department of Posts launched the service in Tamil Nadu in 2004, targeting customers who want to send wishes to friends and family members, short messages, circulars, and petitions to the Government.

Though its usage is yet to pick up, educational institutions, companies and the Coimbatore Corporation have started using it here. Those who have registered with the Department of Posts will get a login identity and can send the message from their personal computer.

Those who want to send the message from the post office will have to do so during the working hours.

The message will reach the recipient the next day.

According to an official in the Department of Posts, post offices do not have telegram facility for nearly a decade now.

The ePost is not an alternative, but those who want to send short messages can use it.

The message will be delivered the next day in any part of the country.