Staff Reporter

RAMANATHAPURAM: Indian students constitute the largest contingent of foreign students in the United States, according to L. Krishnakumari, Cultural Affairs Specialist, Consulate General of the United States of America.

Speaking at a function organised by Mohamed Sathak Polytecnic College at Kilakarai near here on Sunday to disburse placement orders to 294 students, she said the number of students visiting the U.S. was on the rise. More than 83,000 students had gone to the U.S. last year alone. Similarly, students from the U.S. were coming to India for studies.

It was essential to develop thinking and analytical skills. Quoting Sabeer Bhatia, founder of, she said that in a fast changing world where knowledge was becoming obsolete every few months, it was more important to have ‘thinking individuals’ who asked questions and created new products. American educational institutions attracted the best and brightest students from all over the world.

“The fact is that students are preparing today for jobs that may not yet exist. That’s why mere learning by rote will not get you far. You must be able to learn continuously, to think, to create something absolutely new, as did Mr. Bhatia when he invented hotmail.” In a globalised world where a same job could be performed in either San Francisco or Bangalore, brain power would be the competitive advantage. The future was very much tied to the educational level of people and the country’s integration into the global economy. Education was one of the most powerful instrument reducing poverty and inequality and laid a foundation for sustained economic growth, she added.

S.M. Hamid Abdul Quadir, Chairman, Mohamed Sathak Trust, who presided over, said the Trust had created several infrastructural facilities in remote areas such as Kilakarai to help students from rural areas. Constructive efforts must be taken to develop the district on all fronts.