Special Correspondent

TIRUCHI: A large number of devotees from different parts of the southern States participated in the 1009th annual Urs festival of the world renowned Sufi Saint Hazrath Sulthan Table Alam Badsha Natharvali held on the dargah premises in the city in the early hours of Monday. The 15-day-long festival commenced with the hoisting of the holy flag on September 24 and installation of the Banwa Jama Sarguru.

The pot containing the sandal paste was brought to the dargah in a decorated chariot from Gandhi Market. The sandal paste was anointed on the tomb of Hazrath Table Alam Badsha, who was the first Sufi saint to visit this part of the country, by Khalifa Syed Ishaq Khalander Hussaini Suharwardy and Khalifa Syed Mazharuddin Suharwardy.

Later, the fakirs belonging to the five Jamas of Sha Banwa, Sha Malang, Sha Tabkhat, Sha Jalal and Sha Rifayee and the Muzawars also anointed the sandal paste in the presence of the Chief Executive Trustee, A.B.D. Badushas and the Hereditary Trustee, M. Syed Gulam Rasool Suharwardy.

Special Fathiha (prayers) was offered to seek the blessings of the saint. Recital of Maulood Shariff, rendering of Qawwali songs and devotional songs marked the occasion.

The sacred washing of the tomb of the saint (thubath dhulayi) was done with the water brought from river Cauvery on Saturday.