M. Gunasekaran

TIRUPUR: The knitwear industry that struggles hard to overcome the currency crisis for the last several months has been facing another problem: unscheduled power cuts.

Production loss

Despite the assurance from the State Government that there will be no power cuts during summer, the export city continues to experience power cuts for the last one week.

Entrepreneurs from various sections complain that the power cuts lead them to heavy production loss and also unemployment.

“Power goes off at around 9 a.m. when we are about to start the production. After a gap of two hours, the supply resumes only to go off again for a couple of hours.

The unscheduled cuts increases production loss,” says an embroidery unit owner.

Spinning mills, dyeing factories, sizing mills, knitting units and collar making companies were the worst hit as they consume more electricity than other sections of the industry.

Though the stitching units have not been largely dependent on electricity, a leading exporter points out that unscheduled cuts affect these units as production of high fashion garments need to be done without any discontinuation.

Tirupur Industrial Federation president Ahill M.S. Mani said that job working units could not run their units as it would be economically unviable to run the units by using generators at a time when the conversion charges had come down.

International market

He said that Tirupur would loss its edge in the international market if the situation continued.

The electricity department officials declined to give any reason for these cuts.