S. Nadarajan

Pondicherry varsity bi-decennial celebrations

  • "Insulate students against vagaries of university politics"
  • Varsity turned out 5,964 graduates in last convocation

    Puducherry: Lt Governor Mukut Mithi said the higher education system in the country was characterised by extreme rigidity. Universities must reassess their role in a changing world and embrace any innovation for rendering effective and efficient service.

    Inaugurating the month-long celebrations of the 20th anniversary (bi-decennial) of Pondicherry University at its Cultural and Conventional centre at Kalapet near here on Monday, Mr. Mithi said universities should evolve a continuous and well-defined academic auditing to design their programmes and curriculum. Digitisation and storage of content generated everyday, through courses and seminars, should also gain emphasis. He appreciated the university for adopting effective use of e- learning as one of its future programmes.

    He also stressed that universities should generally devise courses promoting continuous enrichment of skills of the students and identify potential areas of research through close association with industrial sector.

    "Identify the promising students and insulate them from vagaries of university politics and archaic administration," he noted. Mr. Mithi regretted that very often administrative burden and internal politics diverted not only students but also the faculty from core work of promoting academic activities and research works.

    He hoped that the university would stand apart and continue to function as a storehouse of knowledge and kindle minds of students.

    Vice-Chancellor of the University, A.K. Bhatnagar, who presided, recalled the extensive development of the university over the last 20 years. The university turned out 5,964 graduates in the last convocation against 202 graduates in the first one. Research papers and innovative programmes had been instituted. As much as Rs.17.5 crore was earmarked in the Xth Plan for the varsity's infrastructure development.

    M. Ramadoss MP, who had earlier served in the university for nearly 18 years, vividly recalled the dedicated services put in by the previous Vice-Chancellors.

    He appealed to the university authorities to say "yes" to the stand of the Centre to bring in 27 per cent quota of reservation for the OBC candidates.

    He also wanted the university to adopt villages in its neighbourhood and revive the extension centres in the outlying regions of Karaikal and Mahe. Director of Studies S. Kuppuswamy welcomed those present. The Registrar S. Lokanathan was among those present.