Three persons — Shanmugam, Munivel and Dharani — appearing to be mentally ill, who were wandering in the Arakkonam area were rescued by the police and Udhavum Ullangal, a Vellore-based non-governmental organisation last week on the instructions of the Vellore Collector P. Sankar, and arranged for their production in the court.

V. Thara of Udhavum Ullangal said that on seeing the news report about the roaming persons, the Collector directed the police to take proper action to rescue them.

On information from the police Era. Chandrasekaran, president of Udhavum Ullangal visited them and gave a complaint to the concerned police station.

Police personnel along with Mr. Chandrasekaran took the persons to the Government Hospital, Arakkonam, obtained a medical certificate and produced them in the court.

The magistrate while saying that Shanmugam did not appear to be mentally unsound directed that Munivel and Dharani who appeared to be mentally unsound be admitted to the Government Institute of Mental Health, Kilpauk, Chennai.

Theerthagiri, Sub-Inspector of the Arakkonam Police Station and Mr. Chandrasekaran took the two persons to Chennai and got them admitted to the Kilpauk Mental Health Institute in the early hours of Saturday.

In another incident, Udhavum Ullangal arranged for entrusting to his family members Samaklal, an old man from Bihar who came with his family members to admit his 60-year-old son to a hospital in Vellore, and who lost his way.

Deenadayal, a person hailing from West Bengal who noticed the old man struggling to find his way informed the police station, where the police personnel directed him to Udhavum Ullangal.

Mr. Chandrasekaran traced the address and phone numbers of Samaklal’s relatives with the help of Naveenkumar, a VIT professor hailing from Bihar.

On information, Samaklal’s wife and grandson came to the office of the NGO, thanked Mr. Chandrasekaran and took charge of Samaklal.

In another incident, the NGO reunited an elderly Bihari, Samaklal, with his family who had come for medical treatment